Embedded processing

The FLEX-10 is a small form factor video processing module to build embedded vision solutions. The module is based on an SoC architecture to deliver best price & performance per Watt ratio


Maximized flexibility

The FLEX module allows for easy integration and to convert the native video signal from VISCA based zoom block cameras into the most common interface standards like HDMI, USB and Ethernet as well as an SD Card slot.


Software programmable

The FLEX module is software programmable through an integrated ARM + FPGA architecture. The Linux based ARM-core is accessible to the user and enables developers to embed application specific algorithms, On-screen display functions, file management systems and many more



  • Embedded processing board for LVDS & VISCA based cameras
  • Miniature outline for easy system integration
  • Onboard ARM-Core with Linux OS
  • HDMI; USB2.0 and Ethernet