We offer 2 IP-Cores for JPEG-Compression and Decompression:


  • Performs JPEG-compression in 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 format from YUV 4:2:2-image (DCT, quantization, run-length-encoding, huffman-encoding)
  • High speed (e.g. 150 MHz in ALTERA Cyclone IV, slowest speed-grade, which equals up to 75 (4:2:2) or 100 (4:2:0) Megapixels per second compression-speed, i.e. suitable for 1080p30 and 720p60
  • 1080p60 possible in fast devices in 4:2:0 mode
  • Very low resource-usage (e.g. ALTERA Cyclone IV):
    • about 2250 LEs
    • 5 M4K memory-blocks
    • 8 18x18-multipliers
  • VHDL-code included, vendor-independent


  • Performs JPEG-decompression of baseline JPEG-images (huffman-decoding, run-length-decoding, dequantization, IDCT, color-space-conversion)
  • High speed (e.g. 150 MHz in ALTERA Cyclone IV, effective decompression-speed depends on image)
  • Low resource-usage (e.g. ALTERA Cyclone IV):
    • about 2850 LEs
    • typ. 9 M4K memory-blocks
    • 12 18x18 multipliers (including color-space-conversion)
  • The decompressor is set up by a CPU depending on the contents of the JPEG-header-information, sample-source-code (in C) for ERIC5 is provided
  • VHDL-code included, vendor-independent

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the license for just one project?

No. The license is for one development-location (and for one customer, in case of contract development). I.e. the IP-core can be used by multiple developers for multiple projects as long as they are at the same physical location. If contract development is done for different customers, a seperate license for each customer is required (this license can be either bought by the customer or by the development company). Of course it is not allowed to give the VHDL-source to third parties.


Beside the license costs, are there per-unit royalties or other costs?



Why are similar IP-cores from other vendors more expensive?

We do not know. We have based our pricing on what we think is fair (and what we would pay for such an IP-core ourselves). The price-difference is not because we think our products are of less value compared to competing products.


What about support?

What we call "basic support" is included, i.e. the typical questions that occur during implementation by a reasonable skilled FPGA designer will be answered by e-mail. Of course we can also offer more advanced support like debugging at the customer site or doing some design work.



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